Changes in KaarPux version 3.6.4

KaarPux version 3.6.4 released on 2013-jun-20

  • Java update
  • Systemtap improvements
  • OpenVAS

Java update

  • UPD: icedtea7: v 2.4.0 (Commit c852af46)

Systemtap improvements

  • UPD: systemtap: v 2.2.1 (Commit 038fa825)
  • FIX: KxBuild: staprun with -R to enable parallel build (Commit b177899a)
  • FIX: KxBuild: pass LD_LIBRARY_PATH to staprun (Commit fccadb19)
  • FIX: KxBuild: use default LD_LIBRARY_PATH if not set (Commit ed78e2fc)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: kx_open to use kernel.function(“do_filp_open”).return instead of and kernel.function(“path_openat”).return (Commit 2bf0e39f)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: install kx_open with –suppress-handler-errors (Commit be342bf5)


  • ADD: nmap (Commit daec461b)
  • ADD: OpenVAS: OpenVAS and prerequisites (Commit 2ad95dc1)
  • FIX: KxBuild: Correct build sequence (openvas prereqs) (Commit dc24d98d)
  • IMPROVE: rsync: move to linux phase (Commit 52299ee0)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: move rsync and nmap earlier (Commit 35cacc03)
  • IMPROVE: pinentry: move from opt to linux (Commit 28d35fad)

Minor Changes

  • IMPROVE: pygobject: comment out test cases (Commit 515d5c08)
  • IMPROVE: WebKit: reintroduce make_repeat (Commit 22505945)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: make_repeat to just make a single -j1 after failure (Commit 94ecbc18)
  • IMPROVE: pkg-config: comment out check (Commit 518715a2)
  • IMPROVE: linux: add more random entropy sources (Commit 95314f3b)
  • IMPROVE: libical: make_repeat (Commit fc344db5)
  • IMPROVE: gdm: make_repeat (Commit 65421de2)