Changes in KaarPux version 3.1.0

KaarPux version 3.1.0 released on 2012-sep-26

Bugs fixed, packages updated, packages added, and more.

Bugs Fixed

  • FIX: /etc/profile: install with execute permission (Commit 34752782)
  • FIX: use List::Util and Time::Hires (just as (Commit af9ab0fd)
  • FIX: KxBuild: move py2cairo before pygobject (Commit 7b052bfd)
  • FIX: gdm: aboslute path for ExecStart in .service file (Commit 7de77a3b)
  • FIX: bash: do not set PS1 prompt for non-interactive shells (Commit d7b18ec5)

Packages Updated

  • UPD: valgrind: v 3.8.0 (Commit 5c7c585c)
  • UPD: graphite2 libexttextcat libvisio libwps mdds mythes raptor2 rasqal SampleICC (Commit 2a05ac52)
  • UPD: libreoffice: v (Commit 0efba2bf)
  • UPD: thunderbird: v 15.0.1 (Commit 2f410f2d)
  • UPD: ghostery: v 2.8.3 (Commit 618a9dc2)
  • UPD: noscript: v 2.5.6 (Commit 0c6e41a5)

Packages Added

  • ADD: ntp: Network Time Protocol (Commit 0c8b2066, 190273d3, 889fe26a)
  • ADD: pm-utils (Commit e87cf32c)
  • ADD: bash-completion: use Debian bash-completion; do not roll our own (Commit 6a071486, 1956bb31)
  • ADD: pygobject33 pycairo: GObject for Python3 (Commit ed553285)
  • ADD: hunspell-en_US cppunit libcmis clucene libcdr lpsolve: prerequisites for LibreOffice (Commit 66e349be)
  • ADD: hunspell-en_US.yaml (Commit 9e98655f)

Other Changes

  • Improved version checks
  • Documentation updates
  • Many other minor improvements