Changes in KaarPux version 3.2.2

KaarPux version 3.2.2 released on 2012-dec-01

Packages updated

  • UPD: pulseaudio: v 2.99.2 (Commit 09bfc040)
  • UPD: thunderbird: v 17.0 (Commit 8d724a4e)
  • UPD: provider_for_google_calendar: v 0.18 (Commit 4881c742)
  • UPD: xulrunner: v 17.0.1 (Commit 9d9cc9e8)
  • UPD: firefox: v 17.0.1 (Commit 61a5e105)
  • UPD: adblockplus: v 2.2.1 (Commit 8814fc4f)
  • UPD: flash_player_11: v (Commit dd2d9eb0)
  • UPD: icedtea-web: v 1.3.1 (Commit 77ec6f85)
  • UPD: noscript: v 2.6.2 (Commit 768eba35)

Bugs fixed

  • FIX: pulseaudio: install /etc/asound.conf to make ALSA use pulseaudio (Commit df330235)
  • FIX: pulseaudio alsa-plugins: move alsa-plugins after pulseaudio to get pulse plugin for alsa (Commit 9f8b104a)

Packages added

  • ADD: kx_ldd: Tool to recursively list ELF library dependencies (Commit ecc789a7)

Minor Changes

  • IMPROVE: libcanberra: do not build alsa, oss, gstreamer backends (we rely on pulseaudio) (Commit 32426f54)