Changes in KaarPux version 3.5.1

KaarPux version 3.5.1 released on 2013-apr-04

  • Upstream Security Fixes
  • Merge core phase into bootstrap_8
  • Make systemtap work with dash
  • Several minor updates and bugs fixed

Upstream Security Fixes

  • UPD: gnutls: v 3.1.10 (Commit 45f0862f)
  • UPD: xulrunner firefox: v 20.0 (Commit 3c1f106c)
  • UPD: thunderbird: v 17.0.5 (Commit ecdf120a)
  • UPD: noscript: v (Commit 1985f2d2)

Merge core phase into bootstrap_8

Commit 10d6d905

In earlier versions, we would build the boostrap_8 phase giving us a system with static IP, then reboot, and then build the core phase, giving us dhcpcd and OpenSSH, i.e. dynamic IP and remote login with ssh.

With version 3.5.1, the core phase has been merged into the boostrap_8 phase, so we get dynamic IP and remote login with ssh “out of the box”.

Make systemtap work with dash

Commit 1bf177e3

  • make systemtap work with dash, which does not have $PIPESTATUS
  • improved messages during build
  • all build messages logged to build.log
  • detect non-virtualization in master/expert/dangerous*

Bugs fixed

  • FIX: KxBuild: Remove stray kx_time_diff (Commit 5b1aae87)
  • FIX: KxBuild: correct stderr redirection under staprun (Commit c0faa76b)

Minor Changes

  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: Improved dependency tracking (Commit c6df52a9)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: build more bootstrap and core packages in parallel (Commit 6de8a96c, 58148731)
  • IMPROVE: kx_dependencies: remove self-reference loops (Commit a548b3d7)
  • IMPROVE: iptables: do not filter on bridge interface br0 (Commit 04f2d610)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: build more base packages in parallel (Commit 63c48807)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: minimal improvememnt in xorg building in parallel (Commit 85cb95a0)
  • MINOR: thunderbird: make_repeat is not needed (Commit 36d03720)
  • MINOR: KxBuild: log all elapsed times in seconds (Commit 6ea6c8d1)
  • Minor documentation updates