Changes in KaarPux version 3.2.0

KaarPux version 3.2.0 released on 2012-oct-17

Security updates, printing, updates, and additions.

Security Updates

  • UPD: nspr: v 4.9.2 (Commit 0b14f297)
  • UPD: xulrunner firefox thunderbird: v 16.0.1 (Commit bfd7cd81)
  • UPD: noscript: v 2.5.7 (Commit 22d54015)
  • UPD: flash_player_11: v (Commit d88572ca)

Improved Printing

  • UPD: cups: v 1.6.1 (Commit 12b9fbc1)
  • MINOR: cups: remove ‘hold’ and related documentation (Commit 3bfbb9dd)
  • FIX: cups: add systemd patch, and improved configure options (Commit 6665c36c)
  • IMPROVE: cups: do not delete files in /usr/share (Commit 7cc758fa)
  • IMPROVE: cups: ArchLinux patches (Commit a9568161)
  • IMPROVE: cups: move cups before gtk+ so gtk+ builds cups printing backend (Commit fd3db155)
  • ADD: ijs qpdf cups-filters cups-filters hplip (Commit 751dd906)
  • FIX: hplip: do not barf if /etc/xdg/autostart/hplip-systray.desktop is not found on install (Commit 51c718e3)
  • IMPROVE: hplip: do not start hplip-systray; we did not install the GUI (Commit 7214caee)
  • ADD: net-snmp (Commit 9ce39d5a)
  • ADD: nss-mdns: avahi plugin for GNU Name Service Switch (Commit c8c75c3d)
  • MINOR: nss-mdns: remove defunct installed version check (Commit 8df64e2b)
  • IMPROVE: iptables: track snmp connections (Commit 02152c43)
  • IMPROVE: iptables: allow mDNS multicast and conntrack –ctstate RELATED (Commit df915bfc)


  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: ability to handle haskell_modules (Commit 65777707)
  • ADD: ghc-binary ghc haskell-platform: Haskell (Commit 3e204842)
  • ADD: haskell_modules (Commit e74380c7)
  • ADD: bustle: Bustle is a better dbus-monitor (written in Haskell) (Commit a27fcbc8)
  • IMPROVE: bustle: install bustle-pcap (Commit 2e20ef55)

Bugs Fixed

  • FIX: bash: install /etc/skel/.bash_profile (Commit a2f2a68c)
  • FIX: shared-mime-info: make -j1 (Commit 7f2cff4f)

Packages Added

  • ADD: graphviz: graph visualization software (Commit de09aaad, 4b14d64c)
  • ADD: d-feet (Commit 14e0130b)
  • ADD: help2man (Commit bfb7781f)
  • ADD: yajl: Yet Another JSON Library (prereq for xen) (Commit 1eddc4df)

Packages Updated

  • UPD: systemd: v 192 (Commit fa0adef1)
  • UPD: certdata: v 1.85 - no real certificate changes, just version # and license (Commit 299f5ae8)
  • UPD: xen: v 4.2.0 (Commit 16ee5da7)
  • UPD: network-manager-applet: v (Commit 104af47e)
  • UPD: ghostscript: v 9.06 (Commit 63c73905)
  • UPD: linux: v 3.6.2 (Commit ed194e13)
  • UPD: systemtap: v 2.0 (Commit fe54376a)

Minor Changes

  • IMPROVE: systemd: Do not start getty on VT1 (where we get log messages), but on VT2 (Commit bbfda9ae)
  • MINOR: yajl: remove defunct version check (Commit cb4e932b)
  • IMPROVE: fontforge: explicitly specify –with-freetype-src (Commit 1113a040)
  • IMPROVE: kx_changelog: better grouping of entries (Commit 886859ab)
  • IMPROVE: iptables: /etc/ script to disable firewall (Commit 398ed798)
  • IMPROVE: iptables: /etc/ script to show firewall status (Commit a7975d7e)
  • Many documentation improvements.