Download and Prepare KaarPux

Bleeding edge

The source code for KaarPux may be browsed at

This git repository represents the bleeding edge of the KaarPux development.

The git repository may be cloned with:

git clone git:// kaarpux


When changes are made to KaarPux they are usually first tested on top of an already installed KaarPux system, and then commited to the git repository. Such changes may break a complete build from scratch. However, it will help the KaarPux development if you try out the bleeding edge and report any problems.

Stable version

The latest stable version of KaarPux may be downloaded as a tarball.

Earlier versions of KaarPux may be found at

Unpack the tarball with:

tar xzf kaarpux*.tar.gz

Change directory

Most examples in the following chapters assume that your current working directory is kaarpux, so:

cd kaarpux

Build manual pages

Manual pages can be build (if you have the required packages installed) with:


The manual pages are also available online: KaarPux Manual Pages