Changes in KaarPux version 3.3.0

KaarPux version 3.3.0 released on 2012-dec-13

KaarPux updated to support x86_64 (64-bit) AMD/Intel platforms.

Note that KaarPux is not (yet) a multilib system, so xen and skype will not build on a x86_64 platform.

Bugs fixed

  • FIX: unzip: correct build script (Commit a2631ba3)
  • FIX: cdparanoia: make: -j 1 (Commit 4a707af5)
  • FIX: binutils: install libiberty+bfd+opcodes with -fPIC (Commit d08b2647)
  • FIX: gdm: gdm.service to conflict/after on tty2 (Commit 06d81975)

Packages added

  • ADD: gptfdisk: GUID partition table tools (Commit 715e7e53)
  • ADD: linux-firmware: Firmware for linux kernel; in particular for radeon (Commit 38f5ac4c)
  • ADD: efibootmgr: Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) Boot Manager (Commit 30528d7f)

Packages updated

Minor Changes

  • IMPROVE: icu popt: move to bootstrap (prereq for gptfdisk) (Commit 070cd823)
  • IMPROVE: bootstrap: correct check scripts to work on x86_64 (Commit 98e36caf)
  • IMPROVE: gcc: several minor improvements (Commit 72ca19cd)
  • IMPROVE: glibc: use KX_MAKE_J (Commit 75034e54)
  • IMPROVE: bootstrap: use KX_MAKE_J during the whole bootstrap process (Commit 8649e7ce)
  • IMPROVE: linux: support both i686 and x86_64; include firmware and drivers in initramfs (Commit b38e381e)
  • IMPROVE: boost: use KX_MAKE_J (Commit 514e9419)
  • IMPROVE: busybox: enable GPT_LABEL; keep full config file in git, not just a diff (Commit 636444b4)
  • IMPROVE: gdb: only install the binarie: do not overwrite existing libs (Commit eb02eefd)
  • IMPROVE: mesa-demos: install in subdir to bin; compile with -j (Commit f77b0a62)
  • IMPROVE: KaarPux: KX_DISABLE_TEST to disable testing (Commit 88fc32e2)
  • IMPROVE: gst-plugins-bad: make_repeat (Commit 244de404)
  • IMPROVE: jasper: fPIC (Commit 57a21edc)
  • IMPROVE: liba52: -fPIC (Commit d3adc16a)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: allow separate download for 32 and 64 bit (Commit 4bc4b420)
  • IMPROVE: icedtea6: support for x86_64 (Commit 4c192c90)
  • IMPROVE: icedtea: –with-parallel-jobs (Commit 9659cd7d)
  • IMPROVE: xulrunner firefox thunderbird: mk_add_options MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS=${KX_MAKE_J} (Commit 71a1380c)
  • IMPROVE: ghc-binary: support for x86_64 (Commit b1ef17c5)
  • IMPROVE: flash_player_11: support for x86_64 (Commit 30a32e01)
  • IMPROVE: grub: support for x86_64 (Commit b88ea344)

Documentation Changes

  • DOC: skype: note that there is no x86_64 pacakge (Commit cf4560e7)
  • DOC: www: Required packages for Fedora host (Commit 159df98c)
  • DOC: www: Update x86_64 information (Commit 56e143d5)
  • DOC: www: Add instructions for GPT and UEFI (Commit 243f74d7)