Changes in KaarPux version 3.0.0

KaarPux version 3.0.0 released on 2012-09-05

Merge / and /usr filesystems.

MAJOR: KaarPux: Merge / and /usr

(Commit 8d16d8d3, Commit abf9064f)

The main changes are:

  • Install everything in the / (root) file system
  • Make /usr a link to / (to satisfy historical dependencies)

This means:

  • Put / and /usr on the same partition
  • If you want split partions, mount / read-only, and /etc, /tmp, /var read-write

Why? because:

Linux has traditionally split files needed to boot a basic system into / and files needed to boot the complete system into /usr.

However, the reasons for this split dates back to 1970 disks: see Understanding the bin, sbin, usr/bin , usr/sbin split

With todays disks - and initramfs - the distinction does not make much sense.

In fact, trying to stay compliant with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard is a real pain when installing a Linux distro.


The reasons for the /bin vs /sbin split are similar, so we install all binaries into /bin and just symlink /sbin to /bin (to satisfy historical dependencies).


Other changes

  • UPD: provider_for_google_calendar: v 0.16 (Commit f056464a)
  • Many updates to version checks.
  • Many documentation updates.
  • Other minor changes.