Changes in KaarPux version 4.8.8

KaarPux version 4.8.8 released on 2015-maj-17

  • C/C++ compilers updated
  • glibc downgraded to released version
  • Java 8 (openjdk)
  • Many other packages updated
  • Bugs fixed
  • Minor changes and documentation updates

C/C++ compilers updated

  • UPD: llvm: v 3.6.0 (Commit 27320066)
  • UPD: gcc: v 5.1.0 (Commit 80c55bc6)
  • IMPROVE: mpfr: apply consolidated upstream patches (Commit 9a8fd968)
  • IMPROVE: gcc: –with-default-libstdcxx-abi=c++98 (Commit 664ab352)
  • ADD: isl: library for manipulating sets and relations of integer points bounded by linear constraints (for gcc) (Commit 4f26587c)
  • FIX: glibc: –enable-obsolete-rpc (for gcc) (Commit 9503be71)
  • FIX: ncurses: fixes to build with gcc 5 (Commit 72d10d59)
  • FIX: lshw: use_gcc (Commit 53b587cc)
  • FIX: pixman: use_gcc (Commit caccf52f)
  • FIX: haskell-gtk: correction for GCC 5 (Commit 5453f510)
  • IMPROVE: libreoffice: build with clang (Commit 2ddc3cb0)
  • IMPROVE: haskell_module: build with gcc (Commit ee84d765)

glibc downgraded to released version

  • UPD: glibc: v 2.21-240-g9781a37 (Commit c2040e2b)
  • UPD: glibc: v 2.21-104-gbdf1ff0 (downgrade as -240 does not seem to work well) (Commit 653dd4da)
  • UPD: glibc: v 2.21 (stick to official release; too many problems with point updates) (Commit f0565b9b)

Java 8 (openjdk)

  • UPD: openjdk: v 8u45-b14 (Now using openjdk directly; without icedtea) (Commit 06d8774a)
  • FIX: oraclejdk-bin: add file missing from commit 06d8774a (Commit 091c56b0)
  • FIX: openjdk: remove ORACLEJDK, not ICEDTEA7 (Commit 9ad093db)
  • REMOVE: apache-ant (not needed for building openjdk 8) (Commit 48a36096)
  • REMOVE: rhino (nashorn now included in openjdk) (Commit 46aa5be7)
  • REMOVE: xmlbeans: only needed by rhino which was removed (Commit 98095725)

Many other packages updated

Bugs fixed

  • FIX: libxkbfile: The vmods member of XkbNamesPtr is an array and thus never NULL (Commit e3c8b2a5)
  • FIX: thunderbird: patch for nullptr (Commit 8204a731, d0fd67e1)

Minor changes and documentation updates

  • IMPROVE: lesscss: work with Mozilla SpiderMonkey (Commit 75850309)
  • IMPROVE: make_doc: build css with lesscss using Mozilla SpiderMonkey (Commit 3afdcfeb)
  • IMPROVE: kernel_kvm_performance_settings: sysctl vm.dirty* (Commit a47e299c)
  • DOC: certdata: correct link to openjdk-cacerts (Commit 8e40d094)
  • DOC: htaccss: redirect for removed packages (Commit 8d61a12b)
  • DOC: KaarPux: updated CVE info (Commit bb93464f, cacb08ec, ec22203e)