Changes in KaarPux version 4.2.5

KaarPux version 4.2.5 released on 2014-apr-29

  • linux version 3.14.2
  • firefox version 29.0
  • thunderbird version 24.5.0
  • flash player version
  • Many other package updates
  • Improved build scripts and build documentation
  • Bug fixes, minor improvements, documentation improvements

Packages updated

  • UPD: linux: v 3.14.2 (Commit 9126f23b, de47174d)
  • UPD: firefox: v 29.0 (Commit e29d74f7)
  • UPD: thunderbird: v 24.5.0 (Commit aeef0d25)
  • UPD: flash_player_11: v (Commit 6d443feb)
  • UPD: certdata: v ac5db8c74ac0 (Commit ea4729bf)
  • UPD: ghostery: v 5.2.1 (Commit f2b53db5)
  • UPD: noscript: v (Commit 3fc82dd1)
  • UPD: curl: v 7.36.0 (security!) (Commit f69b6124)
  • UPD: qemu: v 2.0.0 (Commit 36831665)
  • UPD: libgphoto2: v 2.5.4 (Commit ecb22013)
  • UPD: gvfs: v 1.20.1 (Commit 02ac4fba)
  • UPD: eclipse: v 4.3.2 (Commit 9571004e)
  • UPD: foomatic-db: v 20140325; also change download location (Commit 72c9be2d)
  • UPD: libwww-perl: v 6.05 (Commit 5374001e)
  • UPD: sudo: v 1.8.10p2 (Commit 546ac26e)
  • UPD: json-c: v 0.12 (Commit 32e0008d)
  • UPD: cups: v 1.7.2 (Commit 3aa905ca)
  • UPD: MesaLib: v 10.1.1 (Commit 0efb1a86)
  • UPD: Python: v 3.4.0 (Commit 1d112769)
  • UPD: wireshark: v 1.10.7 (Commit a278029d)
  • UPD: cups-filters: v 1.0.53 (Commit daed49b6)

Improved build scripts and build documentation

  • FIX: make: configure –without-guile; fixes ticket #4 (Commit 44c806f4)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: Do not barf when host commands are not found (Commit f9baff25)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: add more config options to (Commit 2915b9eb)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: use “time” (in quotes) instead of /bin/time (Commit 24479b9b)
  • MINOR: KxBuild: silence output of which gpg (Commit 03499ec6)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: Avoid potentially misleading ‘Terminated’ output when killing sadc (Commit e381e2a4)
  • IMPROVE: certdata: move to bootstrap_8 phase (Commit 275b1ebf)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: disable tests by default (Commit 0ac1605f)
  • MINOR: KxBuild: improve identification of current version (Commit 569387fe)
  • DOC: www: document the need for YAML::Tiny on host system (Commit e4e32c09)
  • DOC: www: propose to use the fastest CPU frequency scaling governor (Commit 61148697)
  • DOC: www: Users and SSH keys for KVM (Commit 5206767a)
  • DOC: www: clarify which usernames to use; fixes ticket #5 (Commit 1570b392)
  • DOC: www: put tool installation on host system first in build sequence (Commit 34e34d7d)
  • DOC: www: do not recommend using the complete disk (no room for bootloader) (Commit 1cec42b1)
  • DOC: www: remove grub-mkdevicemap, which grub does not have anymore (Commit 7139a14b)
  • DOC: www: mention that you can download_all_packages while Preparing to build KaarPux (Commit d0a479c0)

Bugs fixed

  • FIX: *: correct upstream locations (Commit 65f1e564)
  • FIX: KxBuild: avahi is installed twice; first without gtk3 (as dependency to cups); later with gtk3 (Commit e83f9659)
  • FIX: binutils: check with -j1; parallel check fails (Commit c1847613)
  • FIX: flex: correct check (Commit e606cbc3)
  • FIX: KxBuild: move less and util-linux before gzip (for make check in gzip) (Commit 34a615a2)
  • FIX: KxBuild: move iana-etc to bootstrap_7 before perl (for perl: make check) (Commit 783159c5)
  • FIX: util-linux: configure_tools -> configure_kx (Commit 17ca0ce8)
  • FIX: gettext: check with -j1 (Commit 773ba41f)
  • FIX: *: create SoureForge tickets for failed test cases, and remove them from build (Commit 7715303d)
  • FIX: KxBuild: remember to run TEST2 step (when required) (Commit 78d03f87)
  • FIX: KxBuild: exit after build is complete (Commit f27f2627)

Packages added

  • ADD: libmtp: Media Transfer Protocol (Commit b8901b5c)
  • ADD: gphoto2: use gPhoto software from a terminal (Commit 1e9d148c)

Minor Changes

  • IMPROVE: *: do not build static libraries which are not used (Commit abf82d83)
  • IMPROVE: libtool: better verify_cli (Commit 4316bc95)
  • IMPROVE: glibc: remove extraneous sotruss and tzselect from verify_cli (Commit 050accce)
  • IMPROVE: libgphoto2: install udev rules (Commit 354c176f)
  • IMPROVE: linux: add CONFIG_INTEL_IDLE (Commit d5db8cc9)
  • REMOVE: xen dev86 yajl: dropping support for using KaarPux as xen HOST (Commit 07b0da99)

Documentation Changes