Changes in KaarPux version 4.8.2

KaarPux version 4.8.2 released on 2015-jan-26

  • Firefox: EFF Privacy Badger
  • Xorg improved
  • libsndfile build from git
  • Bugs fixed
  • Many packages updated - including security updates
  • Documentation Changes

Firefox: EFF Privacy Badger

  • REMOVE: adblockplus ghostery noscript (Commit 9edb49f7)
  • ADD: addon-sdk: Firefox add-on SDK (prereq for Privacy Badger) (Commit d3f96f72)
  • ADD: privacybadgerfirefox: Firefox add-on that blocks spying ads and invisible trackers (Commit c85a9e15)

Xorg improved

  • FIX: linux: drm/i915: Disallow pin ioctl completely for kms drivers (Commit 0e20b351)
  • FIX: xf86-video-intel: Fix crash in startup due to un-initialized variables (Commit 366a30c8)
  • ADD: libepoxy: A library for handling OpenGL function pointer management (Commit c5a17575)
  • IMPROVE: xorg-server: use -O2 optimization (Commit 461f9cf1)
  • IMPROVE: xorg-server: –enable-glamor (Commit e4361e77)

libsndfile build from git

  • ADD: libunistring libatomic_ops gc guile autogen (for building libsndfile from git) (Commit 650b2cf8)
  • UPD: libsndfile: from git head (Commit 0d51c813)

Bugs fixed

  • FIX: Python: Fix failing testcases (Commit 1fd0b592)
  • FIX: parted: most tests requires ‘root’, so disable for now (Commit 609d78b2)
  • FIX: mpfr: CVE-2014-9474 mpfr: buffer overflow in mpfr_strtofr (Commit 7e56af08)

Packages updated

  • UPD: firefox: v 35.0 (Commit c83be192)
  • UPD: thunderbird: v 31.4.0 (Commit 35f37f29)
  • UPD: libpng: v 1.6.16 (Commit 1089c057)
  • UPD: wireshark: v 1.12.3 (Commit a5a5c811)
  • UPD: openssl: v 1.0.1l (Commit f60ee52a)
  • UPD: curl: v 7.40.0 (Commit 3b750bf2)
  • UPD: linux: v 3.18.3 (Commit bc0df9d6)
  • UPD: samba: v 4.1.16 (Commit 82db4de5)
  • UPD: systemtap: v 2.7-0.156.g7cd3311e3288 (Commit 9bd376e6)
  • UPD: gnutls: v 3.3.12 (Commit b51ba9d3)
  • UPD: icedtea7: v 2.5.4: Java 7 update 75 with january security patches (Commit f957eb02)
  • UPD: nspr: v 4.10.8 (Commit a1b39c8e)
  • UPD: file: v 5.22 (Commit 5609a7a2)
  • UPD: pigz: v 2.3.3 (Commit e88172ae)
  • UPD: patch: v 2.7.3 (Commit 95365ec8)
  • UPD: flash_player_11: v (Commit 11eb572a, e24ba5d0)

Documentation Changes