Changes in KaarPux version 4.2.1

KaarPux version 4.2.1 released on 2014-mar-26

  • Several Security Updates (mozilla, openssh, libpng, freetype, logilab)
  • Better Dependency Tracking with systemtap
  • Install packages in parallel
  • Tool for analyzing build performance
  • Bugs fixed, minor improvements

Several Security Updates

Better Dependency Tracking with systemtap

Commit 5dcbc2d0

  • systemtap: v 2.5-0.349.g2dd920e34796

Commit 038fbc79

  • do NOT use find or perl/ to track installed files (speeding up regular builds)
  • use fsnotify to track file access

Commit c68e1300

  • do not reference defunct

Install packages in parallel

Commit 3dd7bc58

  • remove kx_lock_install
  • add glib-compile-schemas to
  • add –disable-schemas-compile to gnome packages
  • re-order building of fonts (due to mkfontdir, mkfontscale, and fc-cache)
  • use make -j NNN install
  • do not sleep in the beginning of parallel builds

Commit 3c4bc98a

  • do NOT install with -j NNN; too many packages are breaking

Tool for analyzing build performance

  • ADD: gnuplot (Commit 165b8fce)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: add kx_sar tool to analyse build performance (Commit d8b485ed)
  • DOC: build_performance: add paragraph on combining statistics (Commit 6b70f23e)

Bugs fixed

  • FIX: lcms2 libsigc++: do not build twice (Commit dc57696a)
  • FIX: cdrkit d-feet lm_sensors xerces-c: do NOT install in /usr/local (Commit 39e155ad)

Packages updated

  • UPD: nspr: v 4.10.4 (Commit 5c597d70)
  • UPD: ghostery: v 5.1.2 (Commit f738624d)
  • UPD: noscript: v (Commit 36a1c869)
  • UPD: linux: v 3.13.7 (Commit 061e3160)

Minor Changes

  • IMPROVE: certdata: only mark upstream outdated if SHA256-sum of CONTENTS have changed (Commit e657dcef)
  • IMPROVE: systemd: better configure options (Commit 241fc2a1)
  • MINOR: KxBuild: pass download image when launching kvm (Commit 08746ebc)
  • MINOR: KxBuild: typo in error message in (Commit cb337701)
  • MINOR: kx_ver_wiz: more robust sed command (Commit f8e0db90)
  • MINOR: KxBuild: do not update lsb_release number (Commit 6e07a0c4)
  • IMRPOVE: xorg: do not install static libraries (Commit 83f3a327)
  • IMRPOVE: qpdf spice-gtk xerces-c: do not install static libraries (Commit a9c913f2)
  • FIX: spice-gtk: do not use –disable-static; it does not work?! (Commit ecc11133)
  • MINOR: freetype: correct installed version check (Commit 0d844999)

Documentation Changes

  • DOC: www: update Copyright year in license (Commit a8365bf1)
  • DOC: KaarPux: updated CVE info (Commit 3b90535c)