Changes in KaarPux version 4.2.4

KaarPux version 4.2.4 released on 2014-apr-17

  • linux version 3.13.10
  • WebKit version 2.4.1
  • icedtea7 (Java) version 2.4.7
  • Improved Linux kernel configuration
  • Bugs fixed, packages and documentation updated

Packages updated

  • UPD: acpica: v 20140325 (Commit a51cd163)
  • UPD: linux: v 3.13.10 (Commit 988caba7)
  • UPD: WebKit: v 2.4.1 (Commit 8c8fd369)
  • UPD: icedtea7: v 2.4.7 (Commit 01fed0ec)
  • UPD: ghostery: v 5.2.0 (Commit a416e48d)

Packages added

  • ADD: smartmontools (Commit 8a21374a)
  • ADD: dmidecode (for sensors) (Commit e123937f)
  • ADD: pwsafe: add to master.yaml (Commit db7faf5e)

Bugs fixed

  • FIX: openhosting: do not check_no_ping (Commit 0f5a8999)
  • FIX: dmidecode: correct signature verification (Commit 7fc0fa3d)
  • FIX: KaarPux: re-introduce lshw (Commit a65ff32c)
  • FIX: pwsafe: move wxWidgets and pwsafe to opt_desktop (Commit 4b38d79c)
  • FIX: empathy: make_repeat (Commit 172df90e)

Improved Linux kernel configuration

  • MINOR: linux: configure for W83627EHF (Commit 3e4164b5)
  • MINOR: linux: configure for ATK0110 (Commit bd1be51b)
  • IMPROVE: linux: remove debug configurations (Commit 708ab3d0)
  • IMPROVE: linux: remove SELinux configuration (Commit a14b6696)
  • IMPROVE: linux: better config for RCU, JUMP_LABEL and SPINLOCKS (Commit 4cb4793d)
  • IMPROVE: linux: better config for NR_CPUS and CPU frequency governor (Commit a48b2d59)
  • IMPROVE: linux: remove unused config settings (Commit be16e13f)
  • IMPROVE: linux: configure timer at 300Hz; no crash kernel; acpi not as modules (Commit bf3109f2)
  • IMPROVE: linux: install tools: cpupower, turbostat, perf, acpi (Commit 184afa03)
  • IMPROVE: linux: build and install tools separatly (Commit 9779add2)
  • IMPROVE: linux: re-introduce DEBUG_KERNEL for systemtap (Commit e07acb65)
  • IMPROVE: linux: add GPIO to config (Commit 84b621f5)

Minor Changes

  • IMPROVE: openhosting: use ubuntu 12.04 (Commit a932ca14)
  • IMPROVE: asciidoc: move to bootstrap_8 (Commit 73bd99ab)
  • IMPROVE: create_bridge: better file name in /etc/systemd/network/ (Commit 9b824890)
  • IMPROVE: KxTools: flist to disregard /share/gtk-doc (Commit 04fdf75a)
  • IMPROVE: vinagre: move spice-gtk before vinagre to get spice in remote desktop viever (Commit 4e0952e1)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: run kvm with -cpu host (Commit 52400b37)
  • UPD: KxBuild: use deadline io scheduler (Commit 0ea86ad4)

Documentation Changes

  • DOC: KaarPux: updated CVE info (Commit 02925319)