Changes in KaarPux version 4.3.0

KaarPux version 4.3.0 released on 2014-may-13

  • Support for Slackware host
  • Support for VMware player
  • Improve sshd usage
  • Download packages in parallel
  • Bugs fixed
  • Packages updated
  • libaio added
  • Packages Removed
  • Minor Changes

Support for Slackware host

  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: include instructions and script for slackware (Commit 8ba12abd)

Support for VMware player

  • IMPROVE: linux: kernel config settings for VMware Player (Commit c5557340)
  • IMPROVE: linux: add CONFIG_DRM_VMWGFX_FBCON for VMware (Commit 60fdc5ff)
  • IMPROVE: xorg: add xf86-video-vmware for VMware (Commit 0704d969)

Improve sshd usage

  • ADD: haveged: unpredictable random number generator (Commit 1e8e098a)
  • IMPROVE: openssh: better config; host key generation on first boot - generate ssh host keys on first boot - improve entropy harvesting on linux - config files in separate openssh.files - improved sshd_config Commit e83fd581

Download packages in parallel

  • ADD: parallel: GNU parallel is a shell tool for executing jobs in parallel (Commit 0294e296)
  • DOC: www: Note that we now need ‘GNU parallel’ on the host (Commit e504c443)
  • DOC: www: note that parallel needs to be at least version 20130822 (Commit ad79f864)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: (Commit 3119741a)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: use download_packages_2 (Commit f7d57779)
  • DOC: www: add linux/ when ‘Building the complete KaarPux system’ (Commit 98e9610d)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: add ‘GNU parallel’ to host scripts (Commit 07512483)
  • FIX: download_packages_2: do not verify checksum if download failed (Commit 05bf0dd0)
  • FIX: download_packages_2: correct options to wget for downloading keys (Commit f8eeb545)
  • FIX: KxBuild: download_packages_2: add –gnu to ‘parallel’ for borked hosts (Commit 46efa243)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: host_fedora to use rawhide version of parallel (Commit 96695aba)

Bugs fixed

  • FIX: dangerous_build_bootstrap: make sure downloads get owned by kaarpux (Commit 25bc6994)
  • FIX: virtual/kvm: use different port number for spice (Commit 1b737687)
  • FIX: cups-filters: make_repeat (Commit 07d05b6f)
  • FIX: curl: patches for testcases (Commit a0715ab7, f41e99a3)
  • FIX: orc: compile with gcc (Commit 03b3c790)
  • FIX: KxTools: skip over malformed lines when listing installed files (Commit 6b19c874)
  • FIX: grub: put GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR in /etc/default/grub (Commit b6361b90)

Packages updated

  • UPD: libcdr libcmis libetonyek liblangtag mdds raptor2 rasqal: LibreOffice prereqs updated (Commit cc3dd8d4)
  • UPD: libreoffice: v (Commit 74a4f650)
  • UPD: libmicrohttpd: v 0.9.35 (Commit ff61071d)
  • UPD: liboil: patch to latest upstream (Commit 810bd4b1)
  • UPD: at-spi2-core: v 2.12.0 (Commit 46a57f5a)
  • UPD: libsoup: v 2.46.0 (Commit 7353b323)
  • UPD: NetworkManager: v (Commit 7fb3393b)
  • UPD: rest: v 0.7.91 (Commit fbce37e1)
  • UPD: dbus: v 1.8.2 (Commit 72391ced)
  • UPD: lxc: v 1.0.3 (Commit 77de4ea2)
  • UPD: systemtap: v 2.5 (Commit eae511d6)
  • UPD: gnutls:v 3.2.14 (Commit 8f48cdeb)
  • UPD: nss: v 3.16.1 (Commit 06207059)
  • UPD: firefox: v 29.0.1 (Commit 2d43f0fe)
  • UPD: MesaLib: v 10.1.2 (Commit 94022e36)
  • UPD: linux: v 3.14.3 (Commit a063a3f3)

libaio added

Packages Removed

  • REMOVE: gnome-mime-data: used for gnome-vfs which is now removed (Commit 31197b08)
  • REMOVE: libIDL: used for corba/orbit which has been removed (Commit 6a12887b)
  • REMOVE: nautilus-sendto: we really don’t want to send emails from file manager (Commit 71976882)
  • REMOVE: ragel: not used by anything (Commit 842a0672)
  • REMOVE: SampleICC: not used by anything (Commit 213fa897)
  • REMOVE: xf86-input-*: not used since we have xf86-input-evdev (Commit 95e50da4)

Minor Changes

  • MINOR: KxBuild: add tag append_pkg_file (Commit 913a2e90, 88d9dc9b)
  • MINOR: default_definitions: remove unused KX_CONSOLE_UNICODE (Commit 817abe73)
  • IMPROVE: initramfs: redirect to stdout/stderr if dropping to busybox (Commit 23e9dcb8)
  • MINOR: docbook2X: ignore check results; old and seems unmaintained (Commit 0c2cfc28)
  • MINOR: libmicrohttpd: remove unused patch for testcase (Commit c064111d)
  • MINOR: dmidecode: remove ‘make check’ which is not implemented (Commit 30bd3aa3)
  • MINOR: lm_sensors: remove ‘make check’ which is not implemented (Commit 1503c59e)
  • MINOR: liboil: ignore ‘make check’ errors; package is unmaintained anyway (Commit 7458a76d)
  • MINOR: certdata: some packages expect /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt (Commit 6aaacae3)
  • IMPROVE: neon: better configure options (Commit 1bcecf14)
  • IMPROVE: apache-ant: better download location; verify signature (Commit 8ab3290a)
  • IMRPOVE: linux: add TRACEPOINTS, UPROBE, and FTRACE config for systemtap (Commit 31d3302a)
  • IMPROVE: systemtap: patch for infinite loop in task_dentry_path (Commit 2f0073ce)
  • IMRPOVE: KxBuild: ignore pipe and socket files from kx_open in systemtap (Commit d9818543)
  • MINOR: kx_open: add (commented out) debug line for later use (Commit c9d75e2c)
  • MINOR: install_kx_open_stp: doh, 16348 -> 16384 = 2^14 (Commit e52921af)
  • IMPROVE: gimp babl gegl: better upstream location (Commit 325acae9)
  • IMPROVE: ghc-binary: use a precompiled version from a previous version of KaarPux (Commit 598a64b8)
  • MINOR: KxTools: include /etc directory in list of installed files (Commit 8f54a416)
  • IMPROVE: KxTools: add unused_packages script (Commit 3e1fc84a)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: default_definitions: KX_BUILD_UID=888 to avoid clash with hosts (Commit aa4924ac)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: host_fedora to install gnupg (Commit 99f5f8d7)
  • IMPROVE: kx_changelog: default version and revision_range; id in <section> (Commit 701405f0)
  • DOC: default_definitions: add comment on swap in fstab (Commit 0649b11c)
  • DOC: default_definitions: add comments on localization (Commit c0eedcbd)
  • DOC: www: typo in vi ${CFG} command (Commit 3686eb00)
  • DOC: linux: add comments on allmodconfig (Commit e91d66b8)
  • DOC: liboil: reference to upstream www (Commit 7032503c)
  • DOC: www: Add upstream links for required host tools (Commit 49716e8d)
  • DOC: www: put id on every section to avoid strange machine-generated id numbers (Commit c6ff1369)
  • DOC: www: README files for sourceforge (Commit 3cc09c4a)
  • DOC: KaarPux: updated CVE info (Commit 949be3b4)
  • DOC: www: better instructions for building in kvm (Commit 4142249c)