Changes in KaarPux version 5.0.4

KaarPux version 5.0.4 released on 2016-jan-11

  • 4 bug fixes
  • 7 packages updated (security)
  • Xorg packages updated
  • Optionally use host architecture optimizations in compilers
  • Minor and documentation changes

Bugs fixed

  • FIX: KxBuild: Do not let host environment variables creep into build shell (Commit 6225da6d)
  • FIX: kx_virtual: launch_host -> launch_host_ssh (Commit 1071fb90)
  • FIX: kx_sys_setup: handel unset KX_USE_TMPFS (Commit e0b9ede7)
  • FIX: glibc: patch for newer versions of gawk; fixes to use bash for configure (Commit 61b17c5c)

Packages updated (security)

Xorg packages updated

  • ADD: mtdev: prereq for evdev (Commit f1c8d64f)
  • UPD: libevdev: v 1.4.5 (Commit 0da8e1ff)
  • UPD: xf86-input-evdev: v 2.10.0 (Commit 02377778)
  • UPD: xorg-server: v 1.18.0 (Commit 719ef270)
  • UPD: libclc: v b858eb3811ca8b49a66653473ef309eadcd491af (Commit 3f8ca7a7)
  • UPD: libdrm: v 2.4.66 (Commit f9805dc9)
  • UPD: xf86-input-wacom: v 0.32.0 (Commit 4c331d2e)
  • UPD: xf86-video-ati: v 7.6.1 (Commit 4c72b4d2)
  • UPD: xf86-video-nouveau: v 1.0.12 (Commit 9e73fcf3)
  • UPD: libXi: v 1.7.6 (Commit 307a09be)
  • UPD: xinput: v 1.6.2 (Commit d5bdf052)
  • UPD: xkbcomp: v 1.3.1 (Commit 102fbf4a)
  • UPD: xterm: v 322 (Commit 8b08a19c)
  • MINOR: KxBuild: do not install xtrans twice (Commit 785a01d9)
  • FIX: xorg-server: patch to fix segfaults (Commit cc889782)
  • IMPROVE: xf86-video-intel: remove patch which is now included in xorg-server (Commit 20be2e15)
  • IMPROVE: xorg-server: –enable-debug (Commit b42c6c24)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: kx_build to dump core if Xvfb server segfaults (Commit 3f842c03)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: kx_build to show when Xvfb server is started/stopped (Commit 20e346c7)

Optionally use host architecture optimizations in compilers

  • IMPROVE: KaarPux: Optionally use host architecture optimizations in compilers (Commit a0b24975)

Minor and documentation changes

  • UPD: i7z: source moved to github (Commit a6a079f1)
  • UPD: include CVE’s from 2016 (Commit ee58a244)
  • IMPROVE: qt: make_repeat (Commit 3dadffe3)
  • IMPROVE: KxBuild: For virtio in qemu, use format=raw and (for swap and target) cache=unsafe (Commit 3eac9c42)
  • IMPROVE: libusb: make_repeat (Commit e6ffe2d4)
  • DOC: KaarPux: updated CVE info (Commit cdef85cc, 358398fd)
  • DOC: Copyright 2016 (Commit f6e85647)
  • DOC: show license using blockquote (Commit 44128cbc)
  • DOC: fix lists shown as blockquotes (Commit 1eb4d0e8)
  • DOC: improved colors for admonitions and margins for code (Commit f60f6f7d)
  • DOC: better line-height for headers (Commit 5b5e6572)
  • DOC: update package doc to use rst format (Commit f5640ff0)