Preparing to build KaarPux

Configuring KaarPux

Generic information about configuration can be found in Configure KaarPux.

Run the configuration program:

master/bin/kx_configure kaarpux.conf menuconfig

Under Build type select local.

Under Host definitions specify the device names for your disks.


Check and double check that you are pointing to the right disks and partitions.

Pepare the target

Pepare the target disk on the host system:

master/bin/kx_sys_setup kaarpux.conf mount_target_disk
master/bin/kx_sys_setup kaarpux.conf prepare_bootstrap_dir
master/bin/kx_sys_setup kaarpux.conf mount_downloads_bootstrap

Copy the program:KaarPux source files to the target:

cp -rp ./master /mnt/kxmnt/home/kaarpux/kaarpux/master
cp -p ./kaarpux.conf /mnt/kxmnt/home/kaarpux/kaarpux/
cd /mnt/kxmnt/home/kaarpux/kaarpux

Create scripts on target:


Download tarballs (may take a long time):

master/bin/kx_build kaarpux.conf downloads