Analyzing Build Performance

Collecting System Statistics

During build, KaarPux is running sysstat (see SYSSTAT and KaarPux Package: sysstat) in the background. This creates the files

  • boostrap/log/bootstrap.sar
  • linux/log/*.sar

Analyzing System Statistics

The files created by sysstat can be analyzed with:command:kaarpux/tools/

kaarpux/tools/ can be called with the following parameters:

Show summary information.
Show percentiles for important figures.
Show information on disk usage.
Create graphs with system statistics.

The statistics summary for all phases can be combined:

T=$(mktemp -d)
(cd bootstrap/log; ../../master/tools/ -s bootstrap.sar > $T/bootstrap)
SLIST="linux_base linux_xorg linux_gnome_pre linux_gnome linux_gnome_post \\
opt_desktop opt_libreoffice opt_programming opt_coins opt_closed_source"
(cd linux/log; for S in $SLIST; do ../../master/tools/ -s $S.sar | cut -f3 > $T/$S; done)
(cd $T; paste bootstrap $SLIST)