The kaarpux/bootstrap directory

The kaarpux/bootstrap directory is created by kaarpux/master/ and will contain the files needed to bootstrap KaarPux on the host system.

Contains a subdirectory for each bootstrap step: kaarpux/master/build/bootstrap_[1-8]. Each package gets unpacked and build in a sub-sub-directory.
Scripts which are used in the chroot during bootstrap. Copied from kaarpux/master/chroot_scripts by kaarpux/master/
Scripts which are used on the host system during bootstrap. Copied from kaarpux/master/host_scripts by kaarpux/master/
Contains a subdirectory for each bootstrap step: kaarpux/master/log/bootstrap_[1-8]. During bootstrap, each step is logged in a file in this subdirectory. During bootstrap, the special subdirectory kaarpux/master/log/files will be populated with a list of files for each step.
Files included by shell scripts.